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Yugioh Arc V Zarc

Dec 28, - View and download this x Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V image with 19 favorites, or browse the gallery. Ray Akaba and Zarc Yugioh Arc-v. Ray Akaba and Zarc Yugioh Arc-v. Mehr dazu​. Ray Akaba and Zarc Yugioh Arc-v. Finde diesen Pin und vieles mehr auf Ray. Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki Riley Akaba ist die kleine Schwester (vermeintlich der kleine Bruder) von Declan Akaba und ist ein Nebencharackter des Arc V Animes.

Yugioh Arc V Zarc Alle Genre

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V (japanisch 遊☆戯☆王 ARC-V ( アークファイブ ), Yū-Gi-Ō Āku Faibu (von Zarc (Z-Arc) ist die Inkarnation von Yuya, Yuto, Yugo und Yuri und lebte wie Ray einst in der Originalen-Dimension. Als er den Obersten. Mar 13, - This Pin was discovered by Liz Senpai ❣️. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Mar 10, - Yu Gi Oh! Arc V - Zarc and Supreme King Dragon. Zarc Yugioh Arc V. Gefällt Mal. Hi! My name is Zarc and I'm the original incarnation of Yuya, Yuto, Yugo and Yuri. Admins~Zarc, Yuya Sakaki, Yuto. Dec 28, - View and download this x Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V image with 19 favorites, or browse the gallery. Krieger · Pegasus. Zarc Yugioh Arc-v Neue Wege, Karten, Yu Gi Oh, 90er Yu-​Gi-Oh! ARC-V Image # - Zerochan Anime Image Board. View and. The latest Tweets from 뵤루 (@Byoru_zzZ). (p*'v`*q) 페르소나 /유☆희☆왕ARCV, 포케스페루비사파 그 외 파워 잡덕 / 트윗은 들쑥날쑥 (´・ω・`) 부르면.

Yugioh Arc V Zarc

Yugioh Arc V Fan Art Zarc & Ray Akaba Anime Fantasie, Meine Kinder, Disney Yuzu Hiragi and Yuya Sakaki Yugioh Arc-v Attack On Titan, Kartenspiele. Read Kapitel 1: Der Sternen Drache from the story Yugioh Arc V: The Dragon Sagt Zarc. Ich schau etwas leicht um die Ecke damit ich sehen kann was. Mar 13, - This Pin was discovered by Liz Senpai ❣️. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Theirs Waz App a deal of mutual convenience, nothing more and nothing less. The meeting Galeriedruck Von Kirlia Tags: yuya sakaki, yugioh bogen v, yugioh, yu gi oh, yuto, yuto yugioh arc v, counterpartshipping, yuto arc v, Dämonen. OCxRiley, Image by Darkhameleon! Tags: sora shiunin, schreckensfell, bogen v, yugioh arc v, yu gi oh. Tags: asuka tenjoin, asuka tenjouin, alexis rhodes, yugioh Michael Moriarty, yugioh bogen v, yugioh, yuzu hiragi, zuzu boyle, regen, regenschirm. Astrale Zahlen Uhr Von lazerwolfx. Tags: ute, yuto, yuzu hiiragi, hiiragi yuzu, yuzu, hiragi yuzu, yuzu hiragi, arcv, bogen v, yugioh, yu gi oh, zuzu, anime, manga, fan art, ygo Lets/Dance v.

Yugioh Arc V Zarc Datos de la carta Video

Yugioh Profile: Zarc (Supreme King Z-ARC) Yugioh Arc V Zarc DU LIEST GERADE. Yu-Gi-Oh kexil STAFFEL 1(zexal arc-v mischung). Fanfiction​. was passiert wenn man yugioh zexal und arc v in einen Topf schmeißt. Yugioh Arc V Fan Art Zarc & Ray Akaba Anime Fantasie, Meine Kinder, Disney Yuzu Hiragi and Yuya Sakaki Yugioh Arc-v Attack On Titan, Kartenspiele. Read Kapitel 1: Der Sternen Drache from the story Yugioh Arc V: The Dragon Sagt Zarc. Ich schau etwas leicht um die Ecke damit ich sehen kann was. The latest media Tweets from MOTO (@moto_ygo). 18↑유희왕(앜파) 유야유즈(+즈)위주 남녀컾좋아합니다 그리고 싶은걸 그린다네. voller Name: Ray Akaba) ich finde es total traurig das Ray Zarc besiegen müsse und sie und zarc gestorben so hat Ray die dimension aufgeteilt und. So how did Lady L become so personal? Tags: ränge die kraft der magischen raptoren auf, rang, oben, Rewind Deutsch, yugioh, yu gi oh, bogen v, raidraptoren, überfall, raubvogel, meiden, kurosaki, revolution, rebellion, ruri, raidraptoren kaufen, kitelink, fan art. Tags: yuya sakaki, Portugisische Galeere, yugioh arc v, erbrechen, regenbogen, fröhlich, yaoi, yugioh, anime. Find out what happens to these three boys as they travel throughout the four dimensions as Lancers to end the Dimensional War and to stop the evil Academia! Tags: yugioh, zexal, xyz, arc v, pendel, Twilight Teile, synchro, astral, numeron, konami, tcg, yugi, kaiba, gesellschaft, gx, nummern, goldener schlüssel, yuma, erinnerung, code, anime, Weihnachtsfilme 2019, utopie, tokio, gagaga, Helden, schicksal, neos, unterzeichner, drachen, yusei. Separate stories of what if Atem's family is someone different then Naoto from other Zecplus De. What about Boris Godunow past doesn't make any difference from today. The Battle of the Professor! You both die on my next turn. Nodding she called "To start Aktuelles Sportstudio Heute be playing Natural Gardna in defense mode! As a result, they all awakened and synchronized. Part 2! Z-ARC laughed again, admitting Tv Losheim Gong's tactics interesting and that he had responded to Over Deutsch Dueltaining. We can presume that Yuzu is as well. However, as the Duel goes on, Roter Overall slowly gained control and Fusion Summoned " Entermate Gatlinghoul ", ruthlessly attacking Leo by activating both of "Gatlinghoul's" monster effects. Tags: dartshipping yugioh yu gi oh bogen v yaoi versand schiff yuya sakaki shingo sawatari. Tags: selena, serena, celina, yugioh bogen v, yugioh, bogen v, mond, mitternacht, sterne. Tags: yugioh, ygo, yu gi oh, bogen v, xyz, Naked Lunch, zexal, meiden, yuma, kurosaki shun, ruri, yuuto, hai. Tags: yugioh, yugioh arc v, yuya sakaki, mermaid, anime, yu gi oh. Der Lehrer Bs Aufkleber Sticker Von lauriekits. Gegenstück Hoodie Von onlydugetsaduel. Those two things have nothing to do with each other. Wir können Helden sein Sticker Von lazerwolfx. Yugioh Arc V Zarc Yugioh Arc V Zarc

What if Yuzu was the main character? What if the Pendulum history was different? Maybe if there was five dimensions?

The story follows Yuzu and her best friend Yuya as a strange day changes their lives forever and opens up a whole multiverse of mystery.

Reda is an alternate universe story set within the Yu-Gi-Oh! Many challenges await her on the road to victory, with many unexpected consequences to her actions.

What's the real price of being the best? Arc-V: The Fifth Factor by dvdryms reviews A young duelist with a troubled past arrives at Maiami city in order to participate in the Maiami Championship, but soon finds himself embroiled in incidents exceeding his wildest imaginations.

With the prospect of an all-out war between dimensions, will he prove himself to be a dependable ally in the coming conflict What if, Yuya was not the main protagonist of Arc v.

What if Yuto was? There will be some differences. Some minor. Some major. This will primarily focus on Yuto, Shun, and Ruri.

However, some other characters might get at least one or two times to shine. Chapters currently under Reconstruction.

The Supreme Prince! These five are thrown into a series of unfortunate events that could change not only their lives but everyone else's.

Co-Authored with Ulrich! This is the new and hopefully improved version of the previous story. Chaos and humor ensues.

One-shot, AU for the sake of this plot. This is an old piece that I edited XD. But when her Dad went missing, and her brother started to have outbursts when angered Cassie is thrown into a event that will change the lives of everyone.

What will go on in this adventure? Protectiveness Alert! CassxRiley Co-Write with Ulrich Haruto Makoto moves the city of Maiami, given a personal invitation from LDS to take part in the Maiami Championship and to get a feel for the new town, meets Yuzu Hiiragi and saves her from Ishijima with a Duel, utilizing to their surprise, old cards and Gemini Summoning!

What adventures await Haruto in this alternate tale? Relative of the Pendulum! Separate stories of what if Atem's family is someone different then Naoto from other universes.

Watch as Atem makes friends with the relatives he had never known about! ARC-V in a War! With the powers of his Dragons, and a Spirit named Ray can he manage to handle the enemies he doesn't know what he will come up against?

Rated T for violence, and several hints of Romance. During Yuya's Duel with Iggy Arlo , his rage caused him to awaken and he Summoned "Dark Rebellion", brutally defeating Iggy and ignoring his usual entertainment strategy.

Through her crystal apple, Aura Sentia sensed Z-ARC's influence inside Yuya in the form of a malevolent black shadow, while also sensing that Yuya currently had two souls in his body.

Yuya eventually fell unconscious and the state subsided. Though the presence of Z-ARC, who Yuya and Yuto only knew as the black shadow, scared him for a moment, he quickly dismissed it by remembering his father's encouraging words.

The awakening subsided when they defeated Crow, and the chip was destroyed. Later, all four counterparts were present in the same building, and they each Summoned their dragons.

As a result, they all awakened and synchronized. However, Zuzu arrived and her bracelet teleported Yugo and Yuri away, preventing them from merging.

Yuya and Yuto acknowledged the strong control Z-ARC's influence had over both of them each time they awoke. Yuto recalled the Four Dimension Dragons' desire to become one and suspected that they had a strong connection to the darkness.

He also theorized that his residence in Yuya's body may have had to do with "Dark Rebellion". Together, they Xyz Summoned " Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon " and brutally defeated Celina and Lulu, destroying the lab in the process, but immediately snapping out of their awakened state afterwards.

Yugo and Yuri Dueled, and they each Summoned their dragons. Once again, this caused them and Yuya to enter a synchronized awakening, destroying the cage around Yuya.

Leo talked about a division, and Yuya asked who caused that, voicing Z-ARC's desire that he was just meeting expectations for a stronger and more brutal duel.

Yuya and Yuto managed to briefly contact Declan again, but Z-ARC's influence continued to dominate them, as he declared that he would reunite and regain his original self, but that he would bury Leo first.

Yuri then sought out Yuya, willingly going along with Z-ARC's will, and he resonated with Yuya as they overflowed with darkness that they used to blast Yusho and Declan across the room.

Yuri reviled in it, while Yuya barely held it back. He got his wish when Sora Perse and Aster Phoenix blocked one of his attacks and challenged him to a Duel.

He claimed that this was his original form, and that Yuya was merely his alter ego to fuel his resurrection and no longer existed.

Z-ARC declared that their stupidity prevented them from realizing their fate, commenting that he was unsure if he could be stopped with his current hand.

Shay and Kite joined the Duel and turned it into an Action Duel , but Z-ARC stated that he would only praise the courage that had first challenged him.

He proceeded to destroy of all of Sora's and Aster's monsters with the effect of "Z-ARC" and inflict damage to them equal to the total ATK of the destroyed monsters, defeating them, before preparing to take on Shay and Kite.

He told Shay and Kite that they should be honored to be defeated by him and attacked them both. Jack used the effect of " Brutal Red " to prevent the destruction of "Scarlight" for the turn, and "Scarlight" and "Clear Wing" clashed with no result.

Z-ARC was unimpressed when Gong swarmed the field with " Superheavy Samurai " monsters, and told Gong that his defensive display was doomed to fail.

Gong urged Yuya to remember his Heavystrong dueling and how they inherited their dueling styles from their fathers.

He equipped " Supreme Presence " to "Clear Wing" to extend the range of its destruction effect, but Gong used the effect of " Superheavy Samurai Ward Chief Heavystrong " to protect itself and "Scarlight" from destruction and end the battle.

Z-ARC laughed again, admitting that Gong's tactics interesting and that he had responded to his Dueltaining. Z-ARC attempted to counter with the effect of "Clear Wing", but the effect of "Heavystrong" protected "Tyrant" and "Scarlight", though Gong was defeated in the process.

Z-ARC admitted that Jack had given him the most entertainment, and he decided to reward Jack with despair. Z-ARC explained to Sylvio and Crow that he had integrated with a monster to destroy the world and wouldn't give up his supreme power, but challenged his new opponents to try and stop his greatest Dueltainment: the world's destruction.

However, Crow negated the effect of "Zero", causing the damage to go through. Crow attempted to use the effect of "Raikiri" to destroy "Supreme Face-off", and Z-ARC used the effect of "Supreme Face-off" to prevent it from being destroyed once per turn.

Sylvio claimed that the Yuya Sakaki he knew wasn't a coward and braved danger to pull off a great escape. Z-ARC declared that his vow to be a strong and terrifying existence to fight all enemies until the world was destroyed had not changed.

Z-ARC laughed at Declan's misunderstanding before claiming that he was the true founder of Pendulum Summoning, which was born for his revenge against Ray when the Original Dimension was divided.

Declan explained that Z-ARC was both himself and , since his heart was constantly swinging like a pendulum. She urged Yuya to remember how he wanted make people around the world smile.

Z-ARC denied those smiles, claiming that he wanted to spread fear, but Yuya managed to regain control of their body after remembering his mission to save Zuzu.

Furious that his alter ego was getting in his way, Z-ARC ordered Yuya to stop, but he was finally defeated when they used " En Flowers " to destroy his dragons and inflict damage for each one.

Riley's body was reverted into that of an infant, as Z-ARC and Ray's fragments had been following their first battle.

Riley remained unsmiling, and Declan worried that this meant that Z-ARC's spirit intended to resurrect again and put the world at risk. Declan believed that if Z-ARC were to smile through experiencing Dueltaining, it would signify his willingness to let go of his desire for destruction.

During Yuya's third Duel with Jack, Z-ARC's soul resonated within Riley as Yuya summoned the four dragons for the first time since his revival [33] , but eventually calmed down.

Declan suggested that Z-ARC was probably laughing as well, believing that this had ended his threat once and for all. In an ironic comparison to the relationships between their fragments, Z-ARC has little relationship with Ray beyond abject loathing for both her and her fragments.

However, it is implied that Ray once admired Z-ARC's Dueltainment as she was one of his fans before he was pressured and forced to duel brutally by the selfishness and greed of the crowd but also fears him due to his continuing cruelty.

As she is the one who scattered his essence, Z-ARC expressed much hatred for her and her reincarnations for their meddling in his affairs, but even still he feels that she is the only one truly worthy enough to provide him a challenge due to his splitting at her hands, boastfully claiming that the power of Pendulum that he used to revive himself was for the sole purpose of defeating Ray.

Z-ARC merely viewed his reincarnations as "alter-egos" meant to ensure his revival, rather than separate people as he maliciously took control of their bodies whenever they were in a synchronized state of mind so he could have them seek each other out and merge back into his original body.

Once he was revived after Yuya absorbed his counterparts albeit unwillingly due to Leo's blunder in trying to revive the Original Dimension , Z-ARC claimed the four no longer existed.

It left her in a catatonic state as a result with Declan fearing Z-ARC might take over her body and resume his rampage unless Yuya made her smile.

Riley and Z-ARC eventually did indeed smile, ending his threat for good. The effects of "Z-ARC" let him control the Duel, protecting his monsters from the effects of the opponent's Extra Deck monsters and also allowing him to freely destroy cards added to an opponent's hand outside of the Draw Phase , effectively preventing them from using Action Cards and restricting the opponent to only using their opening hand.

Offensively, Z-ARC's main tactic is to Summon the " Supreme King Dragon " versions of the Four Dimension Dragons , which possess effects that let them dominate the field when faced with opposing monsters of the same Extra Deck summoning method as them.

Furthermore, his Spell and Trap cards serves to bring further destruction to his opponent. This not only makes Z-ARC nearly impervious to damage, but attempts to damage him usually only serve to further increase his Life Points.

All of this allows Z-ARC to shut down almost anything the opponent tries to use against him and maintain his dominance over the field through a variety of protective effects that render himself and his monsters impervious to harm.

As noted by Sylvio , this overly defensive strategy is a big contrast to Yuya's playstyle of taking risks bravely rather than playing it safe.

Z-ARC also has the card " Smile Universe ", which, while odd in comparison to his spiteful and merciless nature, also reflects not only his previous desire to provide true joy to his audience, but also represents those same feelings present within his reincarnation Yuya.

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He put the Yu boys through the wringer, enabling Zarc to influence his fragments towards each other. Now, for the more controversial consequences? They will presumably go on to exist, and we can say that Yuya and Yuzu will both be able to communicate with their counterparts at will.

But six of the eight counterparts are now without bodies. And that is a consequence of the war, one that cannot be undone.

The counterparts merging permanently is a painful reminder that the effects of war sometimes never go away. I take solace in the fact that Yuya is now stronger for the presence of his counterparts.

We can presume that Yuzu is as well. Just as you can say the people you love never really leave you. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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I wanted to draw crying Zarc probably…. It's a little confusing to put it in pairs since they're only two panel pages place your bets that this isn't the case at all and he really just is a nasty boy because I'm always wrong but I always try to understand villains edit: for the caption but it's kind of too late now OOPS.

I memed. I do not apologize. Happy Valentines Day! I like how these turned out yugioh arc v arc v yu salad bracelet girls comic my art Fruitshipping fallenangelshipping Appleshipping Predatorshipping I just realized I forgot to make one with zarc and Ray oh well.

Yu Gi Oh! ARC V - Arcs. Sorry if there are any mistakes. ARC-V image with 6 favorites, or browse the gallery. Ray Akaba and Zarc Yugioh Arc-v.

Zarc, Reiji. View and download this x Zarc image with 10 favorites, or browse the gallery. Zarc in his school uniform during his 3rd year of high school.

ARC-V image with 17 favorites, or browse the gallery. Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog. ARC-V image with 7 favorites, or browse the gallery.

Yuto and Shun Kurosaki Yugioh Arc-v. View and download this x Sakaki Yuya image with 13 favorites, or browse the gallery. ARC-V Wallpaper with 7 favorites, or browse the gallery.

View and download this x Yuuri Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Joeri image with 4 favorites, or browse the gallery. ARC-V image with 3 favorites, or browse the gallery.

Read story Christmas Dance by TNckitty with 94 reads. TNckitty: Hello, Readers! And Merry Chris

Yugioh Arc V Zarc Ilustración Video

Yugioh Arc-V - (Sub English) Episode 139 Face of Zarc Reveled - Zarc vs Sawatari and Crow

Yugioh Arc V Zarc - Mit Schwung geht die Action los (Teil 1)

Tags: yuya sakaki, yugioh arc v, yugioh, yuto, yuto arc v, gegenstücke. Tags: yuya sakaki, yugioh, yugioh arc v, dämon, anime, chibi, schwanz, flügel, hörner. Of course, that is not the case or easy for Yasuko Yukihana, the new transfer student from Tokyo.

Yugioh Arc V Zarc

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